Set up your company's general information

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    Hello & welcome to Welcome to the Jungle! 💡 This article will guide you through the first steps of your onboarding on our platform and allow you to configure the key elements of your storefront.

    This information are necessary to get started on Welcome to the Jungle and will be useful for creating the foundation of your profile!

    Below, you'll find the 4 steps to follow 🔛

    1- Fill in your company's general informations


    You've just logged in for the first time and filled in your personal details: First name/ Last name/ Job title/ Password.

    Now it's time to fill in your company details. In this first step, you'll build the architecture of your profile Welcome to the Jungle

    The information you enter will be visible to the candidates. You can then modify them as you want.

    • Here you are invited to upload your company logo (maximum size 2MB). This will be the logo visible on your Welcome to the Jungle window, see screen below
      Screenshot (77).png
    • Indicate the name of the organization: this will be the name visible on your profile

    Screenshot (78).png

    • Enter number of employees
    • Then, indicate your office location. You will have the opportunity to either hide, modify or add an additional location. 
    • Finally, all you have to complete are the sector your company is related to, so that candidates can easily identify and find you in their search filters. You can enter up to a maximum of three, and we advise you to select as many as possible, in order to boost the SEO ranking of your profile!
      Screenshot (79).png

    2- Your Internet presence

    Connect with candidates by adding your website and social networks!

    These elements will be accessible on your profile, on the right side (see screenshot below)

    Screenshot (80).png

    3- Add your key figures 

    This section tells more about your company in a few figures!

    Screenshot (81).png


    4- Present your company 

    Last but not least, this is the final step in completing your company's general information.

    This step is mandatory and allows you to tell your company's story on your profile.

    🤫 Pssst... If you're lacking inspiration, don't panic, an AI-generated text will be submitted to you.

    For Pro+ plans, you also have the option of adding a second language.


    Congratulations! You've finished filling in your organization's details!


    🆘 Of course, our Care team is here to help if you have any questions! To contact us, click on the widget at the bottom right of this article or on the "Help" button on the platform.